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We have SnapFlash Model 5 and the New SnapBooth;

Depending on what upgrades or adjustments you decide on the price can vary up or down accordingly but pricing is around $6499 –


The “SnapBooth” is unique in design and unrivaled in quality, support and warranty unlike other similar looking units sold by other manufacturers;


The booth is very transportable and breaks down into two flight cases see attached pictures;

The components are

Canon T5 DSLR camera

Canon Speedlite

21 Inch touch screen with anti glare

Built in computer system

Darkroom or Photo Boof booth software licensed for life

DNP RX1 thermal printer

Backdrop kit including green screen chroma key included

Printer Stand

SnapFlash Warranty and after warranty lifetime ownership program

Technical support that beats every other manufacturer

Quality build and craftsmanship



Upgrades available

Flight case $499

Alien Bees Flash and Umbrella - $299

Enclosed photo booth curtain system $599


Snapflash model 5

Components of the Photo Booth

22” Touch Screen also anti glare

Canon T5 DSLR Camera

Lenovo Dual Core sub compact CPU

Speedlite Flash Strobe

Modeling lights essential for pre picture lighting of subjects

Internal lighting strip for maintenance

Optical Quality Lenses

7 Additional USB expansion Ports

Road Tough Road Case Design

Full registered copy of Photo Booth software licensed for life – choose Photoboof or Darkroom 2 at no additional cost

NO upgrade charges!

Industry Leading Software

Includes curtain system and hardware

Unlimited support

DNP RX1 Printer - Printer cuts 2 by 6 strips or 6 by 4 strips - cuts automatically

Can fit from 2 people to 25 people using the interchangeable curtain systems – SnapFlash Lounge upgrade*



The Photo Booth Features

Double Strips 6 by 2 cut automatically

Single 6 by 4 strips

Can also produce 4x6, and 6x8 prints

FaceBook Uploading

Ipad Uploading

Green Screen

Outside Monitor Feature (Add external Monitor)

Photo e-mailing

Video Booth Option built in(need to upgrade camera)

Unlimited Templates

Customized Skin with your Company Name or Logo

Touch Screen Technology

WI FI connection built in

Formats - Color, B/W, Sepia, Sketch, Paint, Negative and more!

Remote Support for Life free!

No Maintenance charges or recurring fees

Flight transit approved


Snapflash model 5

Choice of color models


Royal Blue









We also build a custom designed website free of charge and put it on our server free of charge for 6 months and thereafter its only $21 a month;

We also will do webinars with you on marketing and getting your booth out there and advise on where to advertise and where not to, local bridal shows, and other events;

We also will do a adwords campaign free of charge for you!


Upgrades available;


SnapFlash Lounge Pipe and Drape Curtain system $975 (we discount you $300 off the base price of the booth)

Additional Monitor slideshow feature $275

Separate covers for both top and bottom $99 each

Sound System with twin built in speakers $250

Additional Curtains $85 per set



Remember MOST importantly this key difference between SnapFlash Photo Booths and ALL other Manufacturers of photo booths in that IF ANY part of your booth breaks down under warranty or out of warranty

The guarantee beats all the other manufacturers in that we send a new part within 48 hours under warranty so your booth is never inoperative for more than 48 hours whereas all other manufacturers do not do this and you have to send the faulty part to the factory where is was made and that takes up to 4-5 weeks meaning your booth is in operative for far longer.

2. After the warranty runs out no other manufacturer will help a booth owner whereas SnapFlash will lend a part free of charge and the only cost is the shipping – this is for the life of the booth and there is no yearly fee or extended warranty fee for this- this is for the entire life you own the booth!

3. Technical support here at SnapFlash beats every other manufacturer in that we offer live assistance 7 days a week from 8am to 3am eastern – and we can log into the booth anywhere the booth is – other manufacturers offer support but it is limited to mostly 9-5pm Monday to Friday and no weekend support.

4. Construction of the SnapFlash photo booth using ABS laminate and over 1000 rivets means the booth will never break or fall apart unlike other manufacturer’s cases that are not made this way and are made of particle board or plastic and aluminum.

5. The booth takes 6 man hours to wire just the cabling and power for components whereas other manufacturers are not this intricate.

6. We do not charge shipping or additional add on charges like other manufacturers.

7. The quality of the construction beats all other manufacturers.

8. SnapFlash photo booths are loaded with the best software and support.

9. Our commitment to our clients is beyond what others offer.


I urge you to set up a time to speak with me as we offer discounts and I can explain exactly the ins and outs of what we offer and I personally GUARANTEE that I will give you $500 IN CASH if you find ANY manufacturer of photo booths in USA that offers what we do in the Warranty, and Tech Support, and overall construction of the booth and components and customer service that beats what we offer!


Kevin Colangelo


SnapFlash Photo Booths

1 888 364 2735