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SnapFlash Photo Booths®

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Over 1050 sold in 2014 so far!

We are the most POPULAR and most PURCHASED portable photo booth in the USA and Canada by DJ's, Photographers, Venues, Individuals, New Start Up Business's, and people like you!We ship photo booths WorldwideWe also ship Worldwide (contact us for details)

SnapFlash Photo Booths supply unparallelled service and support unlike ANY other photo booth manufacturer in the USA GUARANTEED and a product that is unmatched in craftsmanship and durability which lasts a lifetime!

No other photo booth builder of portable photobooths in USA can match the tech support, guarantee AND also our NEW "what happens after the warranty of 1 year program!"

After the warranty of 1 year under our Gold Guarantee we will loan you free ANY part that needs repair while your part is repaired so you never have to worry about cancelling events or losing money! - there is NO CHARGE for LIFE!

SnapFlash Photo Booths is proud to offer a service and support system and product that cannot be beaten by ANY other manufacturer of photo booths in USA! GUARANTEED!

We have a simple one price one goal attitude here and want YOU to make the money and not us charging you extortionate extra fees and charges after you buy your photo booth from us!


Latest Client Reviews - December 2014

I want to thank Snap Flash Photo Booths for their excellent customer support and exceptional products. Anytime that I have a question or even an issue during an event, Snap Flash’s customer support is outstanding! This photo booth has to be one of the most advanced photo booths on the market. I get several compliments from customers at events of how amazed they are with the ease of use and the fact that they receive a digital copy via email as well as 2 printed out copies they can take home.  The computer is very fast to load and the printer is just as fast to print the copies. It takes 90 seconds from start to finish. That is with entering the photo booth, taking your pictures, and receiving the printed copies.  I have purchased two photo booths in the past year and already looking to purchase a third booth from snap flash in 2015
Aaron Thomas

I really want to Thank you!! when I was unsure, there was no pressure to purchase from you, you educated me and i did my research as well, I purchased, you delivered, and to have you personally deliver it from 2 to 3 hours away is just amazing to me and to still be professional, WOW, I THANK YOU. and to still be with me when i have questions and make changes or dissect remotely, dude that is awesome!!. I look forward to adding this addition to my business. Thanks Andre Whatley

Andre Whatley
(716) 430-1033

 Latest Client Reviews - November 2014

Well let me start  - This is the best photo booth i have seen when I do parties people are so impressed with this booth. Let also state that the tech support is fantastic you call and they answer and boy do they have patients with you boy I should know as a beginner and the amount of calls i made there always there. You cannot find a better product or service anywhere else but here. They set your booth up and your on your way. If you are looking into a photo booth SnapFlash is the way to go. The construction of the booth is very well made top of the line printer , camera, lighting. You hear from many people who say things and you wonder how true it is - take from me,  all I have said is true -  no lies - SnapFlash are the BEST. AND THAT'S A FACT!

Paul Passamano
(201) 538-0093

I have to say that our experience has been phenomenal since purchasing our photo booth from Snapflash. Kevin and his team have delivered on their 24/7/365 support. The booth is of very high quality. We are new to this business but have had several event participants state that our booth was BY FAR they best they had ever seen. The picture quality is fantastic and the many options available make the booth stand out from the competition. I have been on site literally minutes from start time and ran into problems that I couldn't fix. Within seconds of texting Kevin, he was logged into the booth and troubleshooting the problem. I am not overly computer or technology literate so having Snapflash on my side is very comforting.
One of the best things about dealing with Kevin is that he is more than willing to help you grow your business. Every time we have a conversation, I learn something new about the business, a new feature of the booth, or a marketing idea that I can put into motion immediately and cost effectively. In closing, I can say with 100% confidence, if you are thinking about starting a photo booth business or want to add a booth to your current business, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Snapflash Photo Booths!

Brandon Grosse
(618) 558-7749

The support after receiving the booth was beyond customer service, and I would recommend this unit for anyone who was looking or a solid piece of equipment that works really well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone even thinking about getting a photo booth system. Nice job guys, seriously.

Ted Houser
(856) 986-2949

3X Events

The SnapFlash Photobooth is by far the most user-friendly, yet high tech option around. We looked at a lot of booths before buying our SnapFlash. It's also the easiest booth we found to transport and set up. We're so happy with it! The most helpful thing so far has been the ongoing tech support. No matter what time we need it, SnapFlash has been available to help us with any needs that have come up. The quick action and expertise have been invaluable.

Joel Ronzheimer
(949) 701-9401

Latest Client Review - October 2014

I bought a photo booth from Snapflash after researching and calling at least 6 other photo booth vendors. I spoke with Kevin (the owner) personally and he was incredibly informative and convinced me that his photo booth had everything I wanted at a lower price than the competitors. I'm glad he did, because he was right. The booth is easy to set up, reliable, and does everything you would want in a photo booth. I'm already considering another one!

Kevin Hill
(517) 281-6169

Latest Client Review - September 2014
As a newcomer to photo booths and business ownership I was looking for three key areas in a photo booth company - a high quality product, customer support, and affordable pricing. Once I found SnapFlash Photo Booths, my search was over. I was very pleased with my initial decision to purchase my photo booth from them, but what continues to blow me away months after receiving my booth is the amount of support I am given. Kevin has spent multiple training/support sessions with me late at night, most of which that have lasted between 2-4 hours each. I have appreciated that he accesses the photo booth remotely to provide a very clear, real-time tutorial. While I expected to receive training on the photo booth software, I was pleasantly surprised when he also helped me set up QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, and many other areas not directly related to the photo booth. Kevin wants his customers to be successful, and because of his guidance, I am a prepared and confident photo booth business owner!
Rick Thames
(503) 703-5112


Photo Booth Set Up On Earth!




Photo Booth warrantyPhoto Booth warranty

Photo Booth technical supportPhoto Booth technical support

Photo Booth website designPhoto Booth website design

Photo Booth website hostingPhoto Booth website hosting

Host Your Website On OUR Centos 8 Lightning Fast Server!

Monthly Plan:

(When you purchase a SnapFlash™ Photo Booth you receive 1 FREE month of hosting!)

  • Up to 99 email addresses Free!
  • 3 GHZ speed!
  • Unlimited Storage!
  • Plesk Control Panel!
  • FTP Uploading
  • Word Press, Joomla and many more FREE!
  • Drupal FREE!
  • Presence Builder FREE!
  • 100's of APPS FREE!
  • 5GB Traffic Per Month FREE!
  • 1 GB Storage FREE!
  • Unlimited Sub Domains FREE!
  • 10 Databases FREE!
  • SSL Support FREE!
  • Web Statistics FREE!
  • CGI Support FREE!
  • Perl Support FREE!
  • Python Support FREE!
  • PHP Support FREE!
  • FTP Support FREE!
  • Back Up Manager FREE!

Photo Booth website hostingPhoto Booth website hosting

 We Customize Your Screen!

Photo Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen


Photo Booth ScreenPhoto Booth Screen

Video Photo Booth!!

**(Quality reduced for webpage loading-original files will be HD quality on your photo booth)






Open in You Tube and see the high quality!

Gold Warranty!

No other photo booth manufacturer offers the same warranty as SnapFlash Photo Booths™

(ALL other photo booth manufacturers have the same warranty - if any part of your photo booth fails they tell you to call the manufacturer and now you have to cancel all your events for 2 weeks and lose money!

NOT with SnapFlash!

WE replace the faulty part ourselves within 48 hours so you don't have to contact the manufacturer OR lose money!

Tech Support!

7 days a week 8am to 3am

No other manufacturer offers the same tech support as SnapFlash Photo Booths™

Website Design!  FREE!!!

Other manufacturer's charge you additional fees of $800 and above!

When you purchase a SnapFlash Photo Booth its FREE!

Featured Website:

SnapFlash Color VariationsSnapFlash Model 4 in RedSnapFlash Model 4 in Red

SnapFlash Model 4 in WhiteSnapFlash Model 4 in White

SnapFlash Model 4 in Red with white curtain systemSnapFlash Model 4 in Red with white curtain system

SnapFlash Model 4 in Red with black curtain systemSnapFlash Model 4 in Red with black curtain system

SnapFlash Model 4 in Black with black curtain systemSnapFlash Model 4 in Black with black curtain system

Apply For Financing For Your SnapFlash™ Photo Booth PurchasePhoto Booth FinancingPhoto Booth Financing

SnapFlash Lounge™

Photo Booth LoungePhoto Booth LoungeThe SnapFlash Lounge consists of 4 bases, 4 uprights and 4 horizontal bars, and 8 curtains - full length - which means your 'Lounge' can look sophisticated and stylish.

You can expand the horizontal bars from 4 feet up to 7 feet making your lounge 4 by 4, 5 by 5, 6 by 6 or 7 feet by 7 feet and fit up to 25 people inside!!!

SnapFlash Model 4

Photo Booth free shippingPhoto Booth free shipping

Available now in Red, Royal Blue, White, Black, Grey and Hot Pink case color;

SnapFlash Model 4 - Portable Photo Booth For Sale - Buy a Photo Booth hereSnapFlash Model 4 - Portable Photo Booth For Sale - Buy a Photo Booth here


Photo Booth pricing here

The Photo Booth Features:

22' Anti Glare Touch Screen Black and White, Color, Sketch, Painting, Sepia and more print choices for your clients!

Video recording of messages and video images! **Upgraded Camera Required-see upgrades below**

Canon Digital DSLR Camera

Complete Customization

Green Screen and Video options!

Remote Support - no additional cost*

Optical Quality Lenses

Road Tough Road Case Design - built to last!

Internal LED maintenance lighting so your not fumbling around in the dark.

Fully integrated CPU Unit Air Cooled - 1.8ghz dual core, 4 GB DDR ram, 500 GB hard Drive

Built in CD/DVD writer/burner

WIFI built in

No loose cables or flimsy cheap laptops installed here - all wiring and circuitry is fully hard wired into the booth;

ONE switch and the booth boots up - everything starts at the flick of ONE switch only!

You can receive this at 5pm one day and take it out on your first event 10 minutes later - its that simple!

All parts carry a 12 month manufacturers guarantee
We guarantee the photo booth for 12 months!

Dimensions of Booth:
• Height of each case is 36 inches
• Width of each case is 23 inches
• Depth of top case is 11 1/2 inches
• Depth of bottom case is 15 1/2 inches
• When you lock both together the become one case with tip wheels and measure height @ 36 inches, Width @ 23 inches and depth @ 27 inches
Weight of the Booth:
• Top section 45 lbs
• Bottom Section 62 lbs

Satisfaction guaranteedSatisfaction guaranteed



Upgrade camera only $125 to T3i
Add stools to match at only $150 the pair in any color

Traditional Photo Booth double strips or 6 by 4 photos, or any combination - also does 7x5 and 6x8 size prints - Note for 6 by 8 and 7 by 5 you need to purchase the appropriate size media rolls and film - available from us;

Cuts 2 six by two traditional photo strips with 4 pictures on each strip in seconds and very high quality!

You can have enlargements produced of any size of photo taken in the booth of up to a maximum size of 36 inches by 40 inches with no loss of picture quality - another residual income feature!

Secret hidden area on your screen to re print strips or photos in an instant - tap once and more photos of the same session come out - tap twice and 2 more come out and so on and so on!

Integrated wifi and wireless internet - you can even connect the booth to your cell phone hot spot!

Facebook Uploading,Social Media, Photo e-mailing

Facebook uploading and social mediaFacebook uploading and social media

 Proud SnapFlash Owners

Shirley Clark - Photo Lobby In Weatherford, Texas

Texas photo boothTexas photo booth

Photo Lobby photo boothPhoto Lobby photo booth

Brian Benedict , Centerville, Indiana

Brian in Indiana - Photo Booth ownerBrian in Indiana - Photo Booth owner"I purchased a photo booth from SnapFlash and would recommend them in a heartbeat!"


Photo Booth pricing here


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